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We Will Do Vow Renewals only, if you are a

biological Man and have been married  to a biological Woman.

We Perform Christian Ceremonies outdoors in "Our Lady" Gazebo. We Can Accomodate up to 15 Guests.

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Your Renewal Vow Ceremony

If you seek to marry and are looking to find a venue for

non Christian marriage arrangements, seek the

Chamber of Commerce of Eureka Springs,

they are more than happy to help you.

In Eureka Springs


I am Reverend Denise Kay, I can perform your renewal ceremony,

but since a marriage license is not needed, you can have a family member or a friend perform the service.

Renewal Services begin at $145 for two, no guests, mini reception done on the deck of the Gazebo. We can host up to 15 guests. All Renewals are done in "Our Lady" Gazebo. Receptions will be held under a tent on the grass area. 

The price range for Renewals run from $145 for two,

to $1,100 for up to15 guests, under the tent,

sit down buffet with two tier wedding cake and toasting with Cider. For Two pays in full the $145 once date is confirmed. For up to 15 requires 50% deposit paid with the rest paid upon arrival in cash. We will begin accepting requests in April of 2023.  

A Garden of Dreams Renewal Chapel

A Garden of Dreams Renewal Chapel

105 Jordan Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632